Cannae’s New Torsion Pendulum

This is Cannae’s torsion pendulum thrust measurement equipment. It is designed to measure non-superconducting thruster forces from 2 uN up to 3000 uN. We have some unique features built into our equipment including liquid metal contacts which can be disengaged during test runs, laser micrometer and irradiance meter displacement sensors, Li-ion vacuum battery power sources, and high voltage operational capability. The whole test apparatus is located in a 36 inch diameter vacuum chamber base (visible in the picture). The bell-jar top of the chamber is not pictured here. We will be running additional vacuum chamber testing this week, and will place a picture of the assembled chamber in a future post.

In this picture is the Cannae thruster which was tested at NASA JSC in 2013 and reported on by NASA JSC at the 2014 AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference. Cannae has additional thruster designs that we are demonstrating in this test equipment.


Cannae Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum

June 2, 2017

Cannae Exhibit at the Henry Ford ...

Our media partner House Industries has a display at the Henry Ford Museum, in Dearborn, MI.  In the display are featured artifacts, images and design work for the Cannae Inc. thruster project.  In this image, you can see a copper … Continue reading

Cannae is developing a 3U cubesat

March 4, 2017

Cannae is developing a 3U cubesat

Cannae has completed (with our development partners) preliminary design work on a 3 U cubesat for deployment as a test platform for our proprietary propulsion technology.  We will be deploying the satellite in a sun-synchronous orbit in LEO.  Development of … Continue reading

Cubesat Mission Clarification

September 28, 2016

Cubesat Mission Clarification

There has been a lot of erroneous information in media articles regarding Cannae’s upcoming launch of a cubesat mission into LEO. To clarify our previous post and press release: Cannae is not using an EmDrive thruster in our upcoming launch. … Continue reading

Press Release from Cannae

August 17, 2016

Press Release from Cannae

Cannae Inc. is demonstrating its proprietary thruster technology on an upcoming satellite mission. Cannae’s technology requires no on-board propellant to generate thrust and will provide station-keeping for a cubesat flying below a 150 mile orbital altitude. The demonstration satellite will … Continue reading