Cannae Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum

Our media partner House Industries has a display at the Henry Ford Museum, in Dearborn, MI.  In the display are featured artifacts, images and design work for the Cannae Inc. thruster project.  In this image, you can see a copper resonating cavity, some 3D printed satellite models and a variety of Cannae logos and images.  House Industries also has 2 pages featured on Cannae in their new book, “House Industries: The Process is the Inspiration,” which is available on Amazon.


February 2, 2022

Space Force launches “Orbital ...

On-orbit service assembly and manufacturing (OSAM) is perfectly suited for thruster systems which do not require on-board propellant. Read more about the program here: and Stay tuned for more news and updates from Cannae.

DARPA funds research into electromagnetic drives

November 5, 2018

DARPA funds research into electr ...

Below is a link to a Popular Mechanics article on DARPA’s funding of research into electromagnetic drives requiring no on-board propellant. Cannae’s satellite program is mentioned in the article

October 2, 2018

Thruster Development Continues

Cannae Inc. continues thruster testing and development. We are in the process of securing funds for our satellite demonstration. Cannae anticipates launching a cubesat mounted version of the Cannae thruster in 2019. Keep posted.

Cannae is developing a 3U cubesat

March 4, 2017

Cannae is developing a 3U cubesat

Cannae has completed (with our development partners) preliminary design work on a 3 U cubesat for deployment as a test platform for our proprietary propulsion technology.  We will be deploying the satellite in a sun-synchronous orbit in LEO.  Development of … Continue reading